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Fiberglass Siding Installation & Replacement

Fiberglass siding is one of the newest options available for covering the exterior of your home. Fiberglass siding offers homeowners a way to be more environmentally friendly while also saving on their energy costs.

Jacob's Ladder Fiberglass Siding Richmond VA

Fibergalss Siding Properties

Siding made from fiberglass differs in several ways from vinyl siding. Vinyl is a type of plastic and over time it expands and contracts in response to temperature change. This can lead to gapping or warping of the siding material and will result in moisture damage to the underlying home structure. In contrast, fiberglass siding is made by first extruding glass through a plastic filter, which coats the glass filaments. This is then molded, similarly to vinyl, to resemble traditional wood plank siding. This provides the siding with a continuous fiber. This enhances the strength, flexibility, and the relative material lifespan of fiberglass.

Fiberglass siding is gaining popularity but is slightly more expensive than vinyl siding due to the process in which it is made, because it provides more durability and longevity to your home.

Fiberglass is also strong; it will not sag. It is stronger than wood for an equivalent thickness, and unlike vinyl which sags, fiberglass doesn’t.

It is durable. Vinyl can be cracked and broken with stones thrown from a lawnmower or from hail damage. Fiberglass is tougher. Its superior performance in extreme cold makes it especially attractive in the northern states.

While it is designed to hold color forever, it can be painted. Like any plastic some preparation of the surface will help, but since it doesn’t expand you can use a wider variety of paint than is available for vinyl siding and it should adhere longer.

When coupled with an appropriate moisture barrier and adequate insulation, fiberglass siding is a wonderful option for creating a beautiful and strong exterior for your home. It will help to protect your most important investment, your home. It will increase your home’s insulating power, thus cutting energy spending all year round.

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