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Jacob's Ladder provides a full range of carpentry services that provide solutions for your rotted, warped, or worn-out siding. In addition to siding carpentry repair, JLC also offers services for screened porch and shed repair. As long as the scope of carpentry work falls under our minimum project rate, we can handle just about anything that involves rotted framing, wood, siding, or trim.

If you have rotted wood on the exterior of your home our carpenters have you covered. Our crews are skilled in providing quality-driven fixes to your rotted siding, screened-in porches, sheds, and more. We specialize in siding repair, trim repair, door and window repair, interior and exterior molding installation, etc, and we also offer non-rot wood alternatives. ​

Your exterior trim could be rotting under paint that hasn't peeled, making it difficult or impossible to detect.  The wood rot continues to spread and becomes a much bigger job. Jacob's Ladder can locate damaged trim and provide you with exterior protection that will last for years. Ask us about rot-free trim material.  It looks identical to wood trim, but it won't decay or host termites.  

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