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Preparation work is 75% of any professional paint job in Richmond, and we take great pride in doing it right. And Jacob's Ladder painters offer you a wide range of ideas and colors for exterior and interior painting for your home.

As mentioned, the most crucial aspect of interior and exterior painting is preparation. If proper steps aren't followed, mishaps will occur. Our painters make sure the job is done right, the first time. Properly preparing a room for painting allows for easy cleanup and a more professional look in the end.

Can You Also Replace My Drywall Or Rotten Wood?

Jacob’s Ladder is a painting contractor in Richmond, VA that prides itself on quality and professionalism. Unlike other companies, we can also handle carpentry jobs; replace drywall and rotten wood, wood siding replacement, window sill replacement, and other small carpentry jobs before we start painting. And we handle this in-house. We don’t hire outside “unknown” subcontractors.

We offer a variety of other services, too. So, if it's not listed—just ask. We want to earn your business.

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